Our Team

Abhayanand Shastri

Founder of Abhayanand Foundation. He is born on Maharashtra, and has grown up in Varanasi and completed his higher studies from Sampurnanad Sanskrit University with Sahityacharya. (Sanskrit Literature) Studied in Varanasi since childhood with Sanskrit and trained in the Meditation as well. Spent his whole life under the guidance of saint and Hindu Sanyasies. He has travelled all over India in search of True knowledge. He teaches spoken Sanskrit and meditation.

Shri Dr.Swami Jagdiswaranand Ji

Swami ji, a very good advisor and provides spiritual knowledge to all the team members of the Ashram. He is the teacher of Sanskrit Subject. Recently completed his finals in Ph.D. from Banaras Hindi University (BHU) with subject Sarwabaum Vaidik Sanatan Dharma.Living in Varanasi from last 25 years and teaches different kind of subject to Sanskrit students such as Sanskrit grammar, Nyay darshan, Upnishad, Shrimad Bhagwad Gita etc. currently whole responsible person of Shri Govind Math Varanasi.

Francis Ananda Love

Fantastic Advisor to us and Monk , Sadhu Ananda Baba (aka, Francis Ananda Love ) has engaged in Cave Sadhana for many years In North and South India, and also in USA. He has a Ph.D. in Environment and Evolutionary Biology, as well as University Faculty experience in research and teaching. He became a Sadhu (monk) in India in the early 1980’s; and has enjoyed this form of social work ever since. Currently living in USA.

Prmeshwar ji maharaj Shastri

He is working as spiritual speaker( Famous Bhagwat Kathakar). He does financial help to the poor students in their studies. He has completed his higher studies from Sampurnanad Sanskrit University with Vedantacharya , Sahityacharya etc.. (Sanskrit Literature)

Acharya Gopesh Shastri

Joined the team in 2011 as Yoga Guru. He has completed Post Graduation in Sanskrit (Vedantacharya) form Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. Due to deep interest in yoga he has completed DY.ed. and PYT (Patanjali Yoga Teacher) from Haridwar.

Other Supporting Team

Govind Maharaj Shastri 

  Vikas Sarichandra Chavan

  Sandip H. Chavan

Shri Vilas B. Vaishnav

  Sunil Jonwal

Jaidev Giri

Jitendra Rathod

Kalu D Rathod

Madan Kenekar


Walmik Chavan